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Living in & Leaving Afghanistan: Women’s Struggles for Survival

The event took place in September 1st, 18:00-19:30

Armed conflicts intensify social vulnerabilities and
particularly place women’s and girls’ bodily integrity
and social freedoms at risk. At the same time, women
often rely on and engage with multiple networks that
allow them to survive dire situations, as well as to fight for
the survival of loved ones and for their ways of living.

This event creates a space for Afghan women to speak about
the dramatic change in the Afghan lived reality following the
Taliban takeover and their hectic departure. It will also voice
stories of women who worked relentlessly in the past few days
to help loved ones and colleagues to leave Afghanistan.


Brishkay Ahmed
Director/Producer/Writer, Toronto
Dr. Kerstin Tomiak
Former Spokesperson NATO in Afghanistan, Lecturer, CODE university of applied science, Berlin
Nazanin Sadid
Journalist, Kabul

Dr. Tal Nitsán
The Sophie Davis Forum on Gender, Conflict and Peace, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem