Doing Feminist Security Studies: Methodological Approaches and Empiric Interventions

ה', 27/05/202118:00-20:00
Professor Annick Wibben

A three-talk series following Annick Wibben’s key address “Exploring Feminist Security Studies: Key Interventions and Insights”



Doing Feminist Security Studies: On Temporary Resting Points and Reflexive Practices

Thu., May 27th, 18:00-20:00

Building on the broader seminar, briefly recalling some of the key interventions and insights by Feminist Security Scholars, this seminar draws directly on my own work in the field. Reviewing some of the insights from my 2011 book, Feminist Security Studies: A Narrative Approach, I will share lessons learned about the practice of doing feminist work in/ on security studies and the commitment to reflexivity (among other things) it entails. I will pay particular attention to the methodological inventiveness of feminist work on security, both in my own work with narrative approaches, but also that of other feminist scholars working on issues of peace, war, violence & security.